What are people saying about Matthew?


"He is a most genuine, sincere young man that is completely focussed to achieve the best for you. He is a gentle, quiet person that does not get upset at trivial things and is always full of encouragement." Ken S


"Very child friendly, successfully adapts teaching to adults and children. Good with kids and adapts to their moods and preferences. Keeps it interesting and engaging for adults. Gentle, thoughtful teacher." The Mortons


"I really like the games you created! I really like that you give me ongoing advice as I progress (eg. I should practice violin 30-45 mins everyday) so I know how to do my practice schedule. You are always very helpful and patient and you play violin so beautifully, I wish I could do that one day too!" Chantelle


"Matthew is nice and friendly. Kind approach to teaching." Cordelia


"I like the way you interact with my son - Sometimes taking his lead and digressing and other times gently guiding him back to the current topic. I like your obvious enthusiasm for the music and teaching."  R Fisher


"He is patient and flexible to alter the lesson to meet students' needs. He is gentle, calm and has been a role model as a musician." Belle Yu


"He is very kind, he listens the student, he observes the student, quiet and attentive, so he can see when the student understand or not. He explains very well music for all the ages. He is very flexible with the timetable. My daughter is a very shy girl. Very often she does not talk with the teachers but she always talked with Matthew. Matthew always made her feel confident enough to talk and express herself quite a lot more than what she does with other people. He observes her and he can see perfectely when she can or she can not understand. He is very sensible." I


"I have enjoyed learning from Matthew and found him to be a good teacher and coach; always happy to respond to my needs. I like his approachability, friendliness and encouragement." WW


"I really enjoy my sessions with Matthew, especially when we play together. He makes me feel as if I am in an ensemble of orchestra, that is just fantastic. Fun class with no pressure and yet a lot of skills taught." Pat from Gungahlin


"Patient, kind, shows music by example. Empathetic with young learners." Miss KM


"As a parent of one of his students I find Matthew to be very professional and organised. He has helped us by organising a violin tuner and violin shoulder pad this was a real blessing for us. He has a great sense of humour, he is very nice, understanding and is extremely patient. my daughter looks forward to her weekly lesson and this to me shows that he is an excellent teacher. Both my daughter and I are very pleased with Matthew's services. I think he is doing an outstanding job." V & K Ward


"Matthew is very amenable to changing times when needed. Matthew is very caring and kind." J


"My daughter has been having violin lessons with Matthew for the past year, he is truly a wonderful and caring teacher and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn this instrument. A true gentleman." Kim


"Matthew is a very patient, gentle and thorough violin teacher. My daughter enjoys learning not only the violin with Matthew, but also the finer aspects and quality of music that I believe can only be taught by an individual who is very experienced and loves what they do!!" Melissa


"We are very grateful for all you have taught Tanya. Her technique has improved immensely. Thank you!" Kevin & Vivien